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Perfect for setting in and digging up small plants

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An Essential Part of the Perfect Garden Tool System

  • Designed for use with the T-Hangle
  • Calibrated measure for accurate planting depth

Made to Last

  • Made with cold-rolled tempered steel
  • Features chrome over copper plating
  • Dishwasher safe

Benefits of Ergonomic Gardening

Gardening as a way to stay fit and healthy

Imagine if you picked up a copy of USA Today or turned on Good Morning America and they announced that a scientific study from a major university has discovered a single activity that burns calories, reduces stress, relieves depression, lowers your risk for diabetes, slows osteoporosis, and decreases blood pressure and cholesterol levels. On top of that, the activity works for everyone and can be done at home.

Would you be interested? Of course you would.

Well, that’s exactly what gardening is. Study after study has shown that gardening is a great way to exercise. Some of the results may surprise you. For example, Dr. Lori Turner at the University of Arkansas studied over 3,300 women using different types of weight-bearing exercise, including jogging, swimming, walking, aerobics, and gardening. Dr. Turner’s study found that gardening is the best method of exercise to increase bone density and prevent osteoporosis. In addition, a study at Iowa State University found that gardening is a productive way to burn calories:

  • Digging and spading (300 calories per hour)
  • Mowing the yard (360 calories per hour)
  • Planting transplants, shrubs, and trees (370 calories per hour)
  • Weeding flower beds and vegetable gardens (376 calories per hour)

The health benefits of gardening have been touted in numerous articles in publications such as Time Magazine and on CBS News. In fact, try using Google to search for “health benefits of gardening” and you will see that the there is an overwhelming number of articles that all say the same thing. Work in your garden to get healthy. The unique ergonomic design of the Perfect Garden Tool System allows you to enjoy the benefits of gardening in a way that is safer and more efficient than traditional gardening tools. You will be able to work longer and get more gardening done without unnecessary lower back strain, muscle fatigue, or blisters. Whether you are buying a Perfect Garden Tool Set for yourself, a friend, or a loved one, you are not just buying a great gardening gift, you are giving the gift of health.


What is an ergonomically designed product?

A product designed to accommodate people’s capabilities and limitations

What are the benefits of an ergonomic garden tool system?

There are three primary benefits:

  1. Safety
    When working with garden hand tools, we must always remember that we are working with tools with sharp blades and even sharper points. These tools must be used with care.
    Consequently, strength and durability are important. A garden tool that breaks under stress can result in a serious accident.
  2. Comfort When Gardening from a Kneeling Position
    When working in the kneeling position, the shape of the handle is as important as the gripping surface. The handle must support the gardening tools as well as be “user-friendly” to the gardener’s hands, wrists, and forearms. There will be times when a two-handed grip is needed, and the handle must be capable of supporting this requirement.
    The gripping surface must be soft, but firm and thick enough to be comfortable. The gripping surface must also be non-slip and weatherproof.
  3. Comfort When Gardening from a Standing Position
    Ergonomic design in a garden tool is most important when working from a standing position, where the gardener needs maximum leverage and weight to complete a task. When using a conventional pole handle construction-grade shovel, it is common for the gardener to struggle and be off balance. It is in this position where slipping, falling, and injury may occur.
    The perfect design for a standing work handle is one where the hands, arms, and legs can work in perfect harmony to generate maximum leverage with minimal effort. It must also include a “comfort zone” for foot safety as well as provide ideal positioning of the foot directly over our work.
    The gripping surface must be soft, but firm and thick enough to be comfortable. The gripping surface must also be non-slip and weatherproof.

What are the ergonomic benefits of the Perfect Garden Tool System?

The ergonomic design of the Perfect Garden Tool System is superior. Conventional “garden” tools, for the most part, were made for activities other than home gardening and were not designed with ergonomics in mind. The Perfect Garden Tool System is a technologically advanced system with ergonomic benefits that far exceed traditional hand tools available today. Add our 100% No-nonsense Lifetime Tool Replacement Warranty and you have the Perfect Garden Tool System: the last garden tools you will ever need.

Ergonomic Garden Tools


“No-Nonsense” Lifetime Replacement Warranty

The Perfect Garden Tool System tools are guaranteed for life.

If one fails, we will send you a replacement. It’s that simple.
Please return the broken tool to the address listed below along with your name, address, telephone number, and receipt of purchase:

Perfect Garden Tool
5430 LBJ Freeway, Suite #1575
Dallas, TX 75240

Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for additional warranty information.

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