Perfect Garden Tool System

About Us

The Perfect Garden Tool System is bringing back the joy of gardening!

Our History

The Perfect Garden Tool was developed in 2006 by avid gardener and successful entrepreneur Ray Miller. After a heart attack, Ray had a personal need to return to gardening as part of his physical rehabilitation. He quickly discovered that his old tools were too heavy and painful to use. In fact, he found that the traditional tools he was trying to use in his backyard’s decorative gardens were actually created centuries ago for day laborers. Ray was shocked to learn this and felt it was high time gardening tools stepped into the 21st century. He extensively researched ergonomics and conceived a new tool system to meet the needs of today’s wiser, more educated home gardener.

The Perfect Garden Tool System was born.

The Innovative Solution

Designed for every gardener – no matter age, sex, stature, or health – The Perfect Garden Tool System consists of 4 handles and multiple activity-specific tool head attachments designed to:

Today the Perfect Garden Tool is a product of Ultimate Gardening LLC

Letter from the Founder

“As a long time gardener, I did not realize how inadequate and demanding existing garden tools were until I returned to my garden following a heart attack. My intention was to use gardening as part of my physical rehabilitation. Even though I had a lawn service to do the heavy work, I still maintained a large herb/ hot pepper garden, several good sized seasonal “color” gardens in front of the house, and more along the creek in the back–there was still a lot of work for a home gardener.

I discovered quickly that my old tools were not designed for senior citizens with physical limitations. In fact, as I looked at my garden tools in light of my new physical condition, I realized that the garden tools I was using were designed more for day labor than for my home gardening. I was left with two choices– either change my physical being or change my tools. I decided to change my tools, and that is where this adventure began.

Of all the human activities that require tools to get the job done, the one that requires the use of more body parts is gardening. If you’ve ever used a shovel, you know what I mean.

My question was simple–based on what I knew about the difficulties and efforts required to use present garden hand tools, why hasn’t ergonomics been applied to garden tools.

The answer to this question resulted in the creation of what we call “The Perfect Garden Tool System”, the first garden tool system in history designed from scratch, from the bottom up and from the top down. Our handles and tool heads are designed for a purpose: to make your gardening more enjoyable, less stressful, help reduce/ eliminate painful blisters, and help reduce/ eliminate muscular and skeletal stress.

In addition, our garden tools are designed to fit your entire family, from the smallest to the largest, from the youngest to the oldest, regardless of their physical strength or limitations. Our garden tools are designed for both standing and kneeling gardening, are easy to store, easy to clean and have a 100% Lifetime Replacement Warranty.

Last but not least is our pricing. When you compare our best with what you can buy at your local big box store, we win every time….and isn’t that what we call a win-win situation?

Now why didn’t I think of that?”

G. Ray Miller
Founder of the Perfect Garden Tool System